Pictures of the car (1998 Nissan Pathfinder Chilkoot)

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Picture Date Description
Feb-1999 Picture of the car in front of the house in North Vancouver (2-268 East 5th Street).
Feb-1999 Picture of the car in front of the house in North Vancouver.
Feb-1999 Picture of the car in front of the house in North Vancouver.
03-Jan-2000 The car is parked at the back of the house. It had snowed at little bit overnight. The ski racks are mounted on top of the roof.
09-Jan-2000 Another day of snowfall.
23-May-2000 12:11 A nice and sunny day in May. Time to take a bath. At Oasis Car Wash in North Vancouver. They wash and wax your car in 10 minutes for CAN $ 12.00. First, the car gets vacuum cleaned and then the windows get washed inside out. Also the dashboard will be cleaned.
23-May-2000 12:15 After a manual pre-wash, the car disappears into the car wash pulled by a chain. The transmission is set into 'neutral'.
23-May-2000 12:17 Brush, baby, brush.
23-May-2000 12:18 Personnel manually drying the car and releasing it from the chain.
03-Jun-2000 13.05 On a 4x4 trip to Squamish with Nick Levens and Henk Ensink. Unfortunately we bent the right sidebar a little bit when Ton slipped of a rock while crossing a river.
19-Aug-2000 15.24 Mobile phone (Nokia 5190 GSM) mounted in a holder.
19-Aug-2000 15.46 Time for a quick shower.
23-Dec-2000 The 98 Nissan Pathfinder Chilkoot on the drive way of the Seagate Whistler chalet.
23-Dec-2000 Look at all the snow on the drive way of the chalet. Some people got stuck and could hardly get out.
Su 08-Apr-2001 At the parking lot on highway 99 just north of Whistler with the skis mounted on the roof rack. ton spent the weekend skiing.
05-May-2001 16.00 Look at the gorgeous view towards the Squamish valley during a day trip.
05-May-2001 16.00 Parked during the day trip to Garibaldi Park in Squamish, B.C.
19-Aug-2001 Waiting for the ferry, back from Snug Cove (Bowen Island) to Horseshoe Bay. Ton was there for a housewarming party.
15-Nov-2001 For a service check at the Nissan dealer (Morrey Nissan in Burnaby).
Su 27-Jan-2002 14.36 The car is covered with a thick pack of Pacific snow. Parked at Thurlow Street.
Su 27-Jan-2002 14.36 The street's downhill path ... on Thurlow Street.
Su 27-Jan-2002 14.37 Someone has already used some snow to make snow balls.
Su 27-Jan-2002 14.38 Snow everywhere.
Mo 06-Aug-2002 08.00 Fuelling the car in Calgary with the Olympic ski jump installation in the background.
Su 23-Feb-2003 15.00 Ton's car in Stanley Park with downtown Vancouver in the background.
Su 23-Mar-2003 Sjoukje and Ton at the parking close to a viewpoint between Whistler and Squamish.
Su 23-Mar-2003 At Squamish Sjoukje and Ton took a logging road to do some 4x4-ing (off-road driving) with the car. We shortly parked the car under a logging machine to show the size of the machinery.
Su 23-Mar-2003 Sjoukje behind the wheel doing some off-road driving.
Su 23-Mar-2003 Sjoukje behind the wheel doing some off-road driving.
Th 03-Apr-2003 09.30


Sjoukje is ready to load her luggage into Ton's car. She is traveling very light. Today she's flying back to The Netherlands. Click here for more information about her trip.
Th 03-Apr-2003 Ton's car parked at Vancouver's International Airport.

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